Who We Are

The International Christian Statisticians (ICS) is a network of like-minded Christian statisticians, data scientists, and statistical practitioners whose objective is to promote the practice and profession of statistics within the Christian community.  We work in academia, government agencies, industry, research & non-profit organizations, and consulting companies.  The expertise within our community extends from data science to survey design & analysis to Lean Six Sigma project consulting and beyond.

Within our own community we seek to provide support, such as monthly on-line meetings, mentoring opportunities, book studies on pertinent topics, and service outlets. With respect to the broader Christian community of churches and non-profit ministries & organizations, we seek to provide statistical and project support.

As Christians, our motivation for these objectives is not merely our community identification, but a deeper sense of purpose that everything we do should be done for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our History

In November 1987, Dr Philip Rust and Dr. Y. Jack Lee were both participants in an N.I.M.H. site visit at the University of Pennsylvania. It so happened that both came to the hotel restaurant at about the same time, and it was agreed to share dinner at the same table. A sign as small as a prayer over the meal led to the recognition that both were Christians. This led to a discussion of the spiritual status of Christians generally, and in August 1988, a determination to collect a handful of Christians at the New Orleans Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) to address the subject over lunch. The resulting effort led to a round table discussion between six statisticians. It was agreed that the idea was worthy of follow-up, and the Christian Statisticians Informal Discussion Group (CSIDG) was born in 1989.

At the 1989 JSM in Washington, DC, Dr. Rust posted a few flyers, in addition to informing others by word of mouth, that the ASA had provided a room for us to meet at 6:00 PM on Tuesday. Twelve attendees appeared, most of who were new to CSIDG. The vision was presented and ideas from the floor were solicited. It was agreed that at future JSM’s we should meet at 6:00 on Mondays, and that we should seek listing on the committee section of the ASA program.

From 1990 to 2017 the CSIDG operated primarily as meeting place for Christians attending the annual JSM. During those years a website was developed, a newsletter was written, and a JSM booth was manned to promote our work. In 2013 we formally began giving away Bibles to JSM attendees, following the pioneering efforts of some of our members at prior JSM’s. In fact, at the 2019 Denver JSM 95 Bibles in six languages were given away to attendees. In 2016 under the leadership of Dr. Jason Wilson and a committee of volunteers, application was made to the ASA, along with a drafted charter, for the CSIDG to become an “Outreach Group” within the ASA. This change of status would allow for our group to organize and present an Invited Session at each JSM. The proposal was turned down, but the charter was approved by our membership, and we follow its guidelines, which include an elected board of directors. In addition, because of our ever-increasing international composition, we changed our name from the CSIDG to the "International Christian Statisticians (ICS)." In 2019 we formed a 501C3 to allow for fund-raising among our members to support various ministry needs.

At our most recent in-person JSM meetings, we have witnessed 50+ attendees. Since September 2018 we have conducted over 30 monthly webinars covering various topics of interest to Christian statisticians. And, as of March 2021 we have 415 statisticians and interested individuals receiving our monthly newsletter.

Praise God for His bountiful blessings on us!

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